Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blast From the Past Giveaway

Alright everyone it's time for this month's Blast From the Past. This book is The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer. Here's the description of the book:

Matteo Alacrán was not born; he was harvested. His DNA came from El Patrón, lord of a country called Opium -- a strip of poppy fields lying between the United States and what was once called Mexico. Matt's first cell split and divided inside a petri dish. Then he was placed in the womb of a cow, where he continued the miraculous journey from embryo to fetus to baby. He is a boy now, but most consider him a monster -- except for El Patrón. El Patrón loves Matt as he loves himself, because Matt is himself. As Matt struggles to understand his existence, he is threatened by a sinister cast of characters, including El Patrón's power-hungry family, and he is surrounded by a dangerous army of bodyguards. Escape is the only chance Matt has to survive. But escape from the Alacran Estate is no guarantee of freedom, because Matt is marked by his difference in ways he doesn't even suspect.

I read this book for the first time when I was in eighth grade and I thought it was wonderful. Now, to enter this give away you must do one or all of the following:

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+2 For the first person to tell me another book by the author
This giveaway is open in the US and Canada only for shipping reasons and it will end on:

August 1, 2009


robin_titan said...

A girl named disaster is another by nancy farmer

I also read this in 8th grade! and I LOVE it. Unfortunately I haven't read it since then since it was my teachers and I don't have my own copy :( so I forgot some things.

I already follow.

Laina said...

Hey!! Is it cool if I enter? :)

+3 I already follow.
+3 I posted about it here:

Charlotte said...

i would really like to win. thanks for the contest!

Liz said...

Ooh! What a great giveaway!
Enter Me!

liztapioka14 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Hailey said...

This sounds like an awesome book! Please enter me.

+1 Became a follower.

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis

Your blog is beautiful!!! Thanks for this amazing book giveaway.
+1 I follow you

+2 Another book by this author is "The ear the eye and the arm"

+1 for commenting above ;o)

Jackeline said...

I've never read this but have had it on my tbr list for a very long time. I hope I win! *crosses fingers*


Thank you so much for giving it away :D

Shawna said...

Shawna Lewis
I posted this on my Blog

Wanda said...

Oh my! This book looks fascinating! Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.
wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

booksrmysoul said...

blair lewis

+1 Thanks for the great contest I love this book!!!!

+1 I follow your blog

Alexa said...

+1 this book sounds really good!
+1 follower
+3 posted a link on my sidebar:


yessenia said...

it sounds really great!