Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Bodies Left Behind Review

Finally I can post my review for this book! I've had no time to read between SAT's and school papers and work, but now it's done!

The Bodies Left Behind by Jeffery Deaver was actually not as scary as the title sounds. The most interesting part of the book happened rather quickly, which was disappointing, and then the bad guys were caught on flukes. No gun chases or epic revenge scenes, it was disappointing! This book was definitely not the best Deaver book I have ever read, but it was still good. And it's a good mystery book for people who like suspense but don't like really scary books.

There was another part in the book that bothered me towards the end, I almost stopped reading after this part it bothered me so much. The main bad guys, who turn out to not be bad guys, get a file on the heroine that would end her career and put her off the case. It's the perfect black mail scenario and they don't do anything with it! I was practically crying at how stupid it was! It was a sad moment for Deaver's books, but his others are awesome so I am forgetting this book.