Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Night World Vol. 2

This book is the sequel to Night World no. 1, and includes the stories Dark Angel, The Chosen, and Soulmate.

In Dark Angel, Rashel watches as her mother and little brother are eaten by a vicious vampire. Now she is the most feared of all vampire hunters... The Cat. But everything goes wrong when her soulmate turns out to be the most feared of all the vampires in the Night World, Quinn. This story is less romantic than the others in the previous book, but still very touching and well written.

In The Chosen, an ordinary, unpopular girl named Gillian dies after falling into a frozen river. But it isn't her time, and her guardian angel, Angel, comes back with her to help her try to become what she's always wanted to be... popular. But there is something wrong with Angel, and after he almost kills two people Gillian knows she has to stop him. This is another story with a soulmate, but you don't find out about it until almost the end so it's more of a traditional teen-trying-to-find-acceptance story than a romance novel.

In Soulmate, Hannah believes she is going crazy when strange notes in her handwriting appear in odd places around her room. The problem is, she doesn't remember writing them and they are all warning her of her death. When she goes to a psychologist, he recommends hypnosis and what she discovers plunges her headlong into the Night World and her soulmate, Thierry. This is a very romantic story and has a lot to do with forgiveness and trying to find the best in the person you love.

All-in-all a very well written book and a good sequel. I can't wait for the third volume to come out!!!


Willowe said...

I can see why you forced these books on me, LOL! They look awesome. Definitely going to be reading them (after my library books and a couple others).

Melissa said...

I've been waiting for the conclusion of these books for years. I can't wait for Strange Fate to come out!

BTW, thank you for entering the contest on my blog, but it actually ended on Sunday and there's already been a winner.

I like your blog!! I'm now a follower :-)

Anonymous said...

i've rerad the first book and it only took me 3 days; it was so good i could not put it down.
if this ones as good as the last i'll but it in a heartbeat.