Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gaslight Grimoire Review

Gaslight Grimoire: Fantastic Tales of Sherlock Holmes definitely lives up to it's name. I would say that fantastic is almost stretching it. For avid Sherlock Holmes fans who want everything perfect, I would not suggest reading it. But for anyone who just loves a good mystery/thriller/supernatural story it's a great choice.

Throughout the book, which as it's name suggests contains many tales, you encounter all sorts of supernatural beings. You get djinns, ghosts, aliens, vampiric squid, Count Dracula, monsters, dinosaurs, and common criminals all rolled into one book. The stories themselves were strange and very un-Doyle-ish, but very good nonetheless. The writing was very well done, but very graphic in some stories to I guess go with the mood. Some of the main characters die that would completely ruin the canon and any sane Holmesian, as well as some character defects not found in the original canon. I prefer books of this short to at least try to be a good representation of the author's original work, but this was not. However, the stories themselves were good for a horror story and putting aside the characters, the ideas expressed were very creative and sometimes humourous.

I would read this book again as I felt it was very good, but if you like the way Doyle writes and want to keep the canon intact I wouldn't suggest reading this book ever.


Willowe said...

Mm, yeah, don't know if I'm gonna read this. Just what you were telling me about it before... -shudders-

Laina said...

Hey, who's the author? Lol

Pandragon said...

Multiple authors.... and most of them not so good.

Laina said...

Oh, okay. Thanks :)